Analyze commercial enrollment, market share, financials and overall performance for health plans nationwide.

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Insurers that write direct, comprehensive major medical health business must file the Supplemental Health Care Exhibit (SHCE) with the NAIC each year by April 1st.  These reports give regulators preliminary insights about commercial health insurance business in preparation for assessing medical loss ratio thresholds.

Insurers must then file the annual Medical Loss Ratio Report with the federal government by July 31st. These HHS reports present final MLR calculations for Individual, Small Group and Large Group business and report total dollar rebate disbursements that plans paid when MLR thresholds were not met for the year.

SHCE & MLR Annual Data, a subscription option through the Health Coverage Portal™, provides access to easy-to-query datasets for analyzing commercial enrollment, market share, financials and overall health plan performance. 

Product Features:

  • SHCE covered lives, number of policies and number of groups written for Individual, Small and Large Group, Expatriate, Student Health Plans, and Government programs reported by Parent, Plan and State
  • SHCE detailed revenue and expense line items with preliminary Medical Loss Ratios (MLRs) and insights into which plans will most likely be required to pay market rebates
  • HHS MLR summary data presenting enrollment, financials, risk corridors, final MLRs and rebate disbursements paid
  • HHS MLR reports include performance data for California managed care plans otherwise not reporting through the NAIC
  • User-friendly web table design with easy-to-navigate tables and download to Excel


If you need to track and analyze enrollment and financial performance for competitors with Individual, Small Group and Large Group health business, this online resource is an essential tool.

Analyze financial and membership data and your company’s position in Private, Commercial segments, state-by-state; identify industry leaders and laggards.

Subscription options include Current Year, Three-Years and All Years from (2010 to current).

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