Presenting the most current and comprehensive data for employer health and welfare benefits.

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5500 Employer Health plus This powerful database provides the most current and comprehensive data for analysis of health and welfare benefit plan insurer, administrator and broker activity gathered from the Form 5500 series report. 

Product Features:

  • Plan employer/sponsor key information and industry classification
  • Most recent filing indicator
  • Insurance carrier standardization with parent company groupings and NAIC plan ID
  • Filings category by industry sector   
  • Ability to analyze data at a detailed and summarized level
  • Benefit details for health, dental, stop loss, vision, life, and many more
  • Includes key data from: Form 5500, Form 5500 SF, Schedules A and A-1, Schedule C, Schedule H
  • Premiums, claims, benefit plan participation and number insured
  • Brokers, fees and commissions
  • Self-insured versus fully-insured health plans by employer
  • User-friendly web interface with easy-to-navigate tables and download to Excel



5500 Employer Health plus  has been designed to simplify the analysis of employer welfare benefits data. 5500 Employer Health plus  focuses on the relationship between the employers, insurers, administrators and brokers. The user interface allows for both detailed and summary level data retrieval.

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