Complete and accurate information for health plans nationwide. Plus, the Company Contacts tool provides current contact information and useful company snapshots.

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Health Plans USA™ is a valuable tool for analyzing market share for health plans nationwide and includes company contacts.  This online database gives you access to annual enrollment for Commercial Risk, ASO, Medicare and Medicaid plans.

Product Features:

  • Health plan market share for Commercial Risk, ASO, Medicare and Medicaid
  • Company contact information for sales and marketing outreach
  • Annual revenue and expenses for U.S. health insurance companies
  • Company snapshots offer a quick review of each health plan
  • User-friendly web table design with easy-to-navigate tables and download to Excel


Health Plans USA™ is a useful, affordable marketing resource for vendor companies looking to do business with health plans.

Our clients prefer Health Plans USA™ over health plan directories because we present more accurate, comprehensive enrollment.

Use this online product 24/7 to target health plans and identify company contacts.

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