Mark Farrah Associates: Medicare Advantage and PDP Market Analysis for Metropolitan Statistical Areas


McMurray, Pennsylvania--(Business Wire) – Mark Farrah Associates (MFA),, is pleased to announce it recently added a new Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) feature to its popular Medicare Business Online™ product.  Medicare Business Online™ (MBO™) presents monthly Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan enrollment data, simplifying the analysis of competitor and market share for the healthcare industry.  MFA, a leading provider of market data and intelligence solutions, is committed to continually refining its database products and analytics for easy assessment of health insurance business.  

Medicare Business™ Online aggregates monthly Medicare Advantage (MA) and Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) senior market membership from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) enrollment data reports.  Product features include MA and PDP enrollment data organized at a national, state and county level and aggregated by parent, contract and plan.  Within the database, subscribers can assess enrollment trends as well as drill down to a more detailed level to analyze membership for Medicare Advantage with Part D plans (MAPD), Special Needs Plans (SNP), or Employer-Group Health Plans (EGHP).  The product also presents trends for original Medicare eligibles, MA and PDP penetration rates, as well as the latest available Original Medicare enrollment as reported by CMS. 

The newest addition to MBO™ simplifies data aggregation and analysis of the senior market by Metro Statistical Area.  This new feature enables subscribers to drill into MA and PDP enrollment for easy comparison of market share within a specific geographic region providing data for roughly 390 MSAs found in the country.

“Enrollment in Medicare Advantage and PDP is continually rising by virtue of the vast population of Baby Boomers entering retirement.  Industry analysis is imperative for plans with MA business to gain a competitive edge.  We are committed to providing our customers with quality products designed to address the data needs of health plans and other stakeholders.  Medicare Business Online™ provides a perfect data solution for easy analysis of the senior market.”  - Ann Marie Wolfe – Product & Marketing Manager, Mark Farrah Associates

About Mark Farrah Associates (MFA)

Mark Farrah Associates (MFA) is a leading data aggregator and publisher providing health plan market data and analysis tools for the healthcare industry. MFA’s Medicare Business Online™ (MBO) simplifies the tracking of monthly Medicare Advantage and PDP enrollment by competitor. The Medicare Benefits Analyzer™ presents benefit copay comparisons across hundreds of benefit attributes by plan as reported in the Plan Finder on Med Supp Market Data™ offers enrollment and financial insights for companies interested in Medicare Supplement business.

Our product portfolio also includes Health Coverage Portal™ (with Supplemental Health Care Exhibit data), County Health Coverage™, and Health Plans USA™.  Please visit the MFA website for more information about these valuable health insurance business analytic tools. 

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