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About Mark Farrah Associates (MFA)

We simplify your analysis of health insurance business.

Mark Farrah Associates (MFA) is an electronic publisher of business information and analytics for the U.S. healthcare industry. We aggregate industry data and market metrics for our own database products that we sell on a subscription basis.

Since our beginning in 1997, analyzing market data and trends has been our forte. We understand how healthcare is changing and we help our clients keep pace with these changes. MFA serves a wide range of companies with interests in healthcare including health insurance companies, managed care organizations, specialty insurers, healthcare consultants, investment banks and healthcare technology firms. Our clients know they can depend on us for timely and accurate data as well as thought-provoking analysis.

Why do customers buy our products?

  • Our database products deliver greater market share insight than publicly filed information as we analyze, integrate and package data for segment and competitor analysis.
  • We organize health plan financials for data-driven market and competitor analysis.
  • Web-based applications provide an integrated source for enrollment and financial data that's easy to use and download.
  • We excel in customer service with expertise in health insurance business analysis.
Our Products Simplify Analysis of Health Insurance Business